28 Sep concert at Bacqueville-en-Caux, at 16:30. France
27 Sep concert at Bapeaume, Saint-Pierre Church, at 20:00. France
25 Sep recording videos for new duo with Kardka, more information on France
21 Sep concert in the frames of "Musica Sacra Maastricht" art festival with the programme:
Olivier Messiaen - La Nativité du Seigneur.
the Netherlands [photos]


29-31.05 jury member, concert in the frames of International Bayan-Accordion Competition “Intersvitjaz”. Lutsk, Ukraine
14.05 concert with Zaporizhzhya Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor - Folk Artist of Ukraine V.Redya'). In the frames of International Contemporary Music Festival “DonbassModernMusicArt”. Concert for Bayan and Orchestra by A.Karastoyanova-Hermentin and concert for Bayan, Male Voice and Orchestra. Donetsk Provincial Philharmonia, Prokofiev Concert Hall, Ukraine
18-20.04 jury member, concert in the frames of 2d International Bayan-Accordion Competition in Ostrava, Czech Republic
02.04 concert at Dnipropetrovsk Hlinka State Conservatoire, Ukraine


15-17.11 solo concert in the frames of International Music Festival. Šiauliai, Lithuania.
18-20.10 solo concert in the frames of the festival "Bayan Parade". Odesa, Ukraine.
28-29.09 In the frames of ZVUKOIZOLYATSIA 2: Outside. Fund "Isolation". Conducting. In co-operation with ensemble "Quarta+". Donetsk, Ukraine
07.09concert at "Kunst in der Kartause 2012" festival. Auggsbach, Austria
27.04-01.05 art-director, juyr member, solo concert in the frames of the Vth International Bayan-Accordion Competition "Perpetuum mobile". Drogobych, Ukraine.
6-7.04 jury member, solo concert in the frames of Mykola Rizol Bayan-Accordion Competition. Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
1-3.03 jury member, solo concert in the frames of Bayan-Accordion Competition "Moy Syabra - Bayan". Homel, Belarus


03-06.11 director of Competition-Festival. Conductor of Voyevodin Folk Orchestra during the concerts in the frames of National Open Competition-Festival of Performers on Folk Instruments "Native Tunes". Under support of the grant by the President of Ukraine for gifted youth. Author of the project - Artem Nyzhnyk. Donetsk, Ukraine
28.09 concert with Kyiv Tchaikovsky Music Academy Symphonic Orchestra.
A.Piazzolla. Aconcagua (conductor V.Zavodylenko). Small concert hall. Kyiv, Ukraine
27.04 concert of Voyevodin Folk Orchestra. IVth International Bayan-Accordion Competition "Perpetuum mobile". Conducting, art-director. Drogobych, Ukraine.
01.03 concert in the frames of "Kusyakov Don Grand Prix" competition.
Rachmaninov Rostov-on-Don State Conservatoire, Russia


08.12concert at Uzhgorod music college, Ukraine
26.11concert at Odessa Nezhdanova Music Academy, Ukraine
25.11concert at Dnepropetrovsk Glinka Conservatoire, Ukraine
24.11concert at Mariupol musical college, Ukraine


18.12concert at Shatki children musical shcool, Russia
17.12concert at "December Evenings" festival, Arzamas, Russia
16.12concert at Arzamas children musical shcool No 1, Russia
15.12concert at Vad children musical shcool, Russia
14.12concert at Vyksy children musical shcool, Russia
14.12concert at Kulebaki children musical shcool, Russia
10.12concert at Rostov-on-Don Synagogue, Russia
05-06.12Taking part in all-Ukrainian festival competition "Colours of Poltava Region" - jury member, gala concert participant, Poltava, Russia


22.12concert in Poltava together with Borys Myronchuk (Ukraine)
01.12concert with Lugansk College of Art symphonic orchestra (Ukraine). Conductor V.Zhadko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
12.11Seminar for teachers of children musical schools (Karabyts Artemivsk Musical College, Ukraine). Masterclass under the title "Developing of bayan-players' technical skills"
07.11concert at Donetsk Philharmonic (conductor V.Oliynyk, guitar solo - T.Ivannikov). Ukraine
20-22.10jury member at all-Ukrainian competition of children musical schools folk instruments performers in Poltava (Ukraine)
09.06participation in concert programme «Art Without Borders» - Lviv Philharmonic, Ukraine
08.06solo concert at Lysenko Lviv National Academy of Music, Ukraine
24-29.04participation in International Competition "Acco Holiday" (Kyiv, Ukraine) – 3d prize
26.03performance at the final concert of Voyevodin Dynasty Competition of Performers on Folk Instruments (Lugansk, Ukraine)
24.03participation at the concert of the class of National Artist of Ukraine V.Voyevodin in the frames of Voyevodin Dynasty Competition of performers on folk instruments (Lugansk, Ukraine)
19.03solo concert in Karabyts Artemivsk Musical College (Ukraine)


18.04performance in the frames of "The Stars of Donetsk Bayan", Ukraine
06.04concert with Donetsk Philharmonic symphonic orchestra (conductor V.Oliynyk), Ukraine
27.03concert at Salavat Musical college, Bashkortostan, Russia
26.03concert at Ufa College of Art, Bashkortostan, Russia


23.12concert solo and in duo with Borys Myronchuk at Kryvy Rig Musical College, Ukraine
14.12concert solo and in duo with Borys Myronchuk at Donetsk State Conservatoire, Ukraine
22.11concert at Simferopol Musical College, Ukraine
01.11concert and master class at Severodonetsk Musical College, Ukraine
31.10concert at Donetsk State Conservatoire, Ukraine
16.10; 20.10concert on behalf of Children Philharmonic "Rovesnik" in Lugansk, Ukraine